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And just how did you get in here.
    I would
answer quickly if I were you...

    The great chassis’ voice had dropped in pitch with that last, to a deadly monotone which carried with it the threat of great bodily harm for non-compliance…

The Reaper had only been curious. After collecting some souls from a nearby highway in America, she noticed a peculiar shed and went inside. Instead of being disappointed by mundane things like tools and other objects, she found a metal hatch that lead to the most technologically advanced laboratory she had ever seen in her long life.

And now a sentient robot was staring at her, asking Grelle how she managed to enter. Something about the machine seemed… almost human-like.


"I… oh dear. I-I simply found an entrance through a little shed, and my curiosity got the best of me. P-perhaps I should leave…"

    The smooth sound of the enormous chassis’ machinery moving as the construct turned more to face the intruder was little more than a whisper.  The panels that made up the chamber’s walls had shifted, blocking the reaper’s escape, and the construct stared at her with that single amber optic, burning in the gloomy dimness of the cavernous chamber.

So you just
  to find the emergency exit to the facility, and
just happened
    to wander in?

    There was a smooth whir of well maintained mechanisms as the construct shook her head slowly.

You don't honestly expect me to believe that....
    do you?

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    A hydraulic hiss that became more of a wheeze, and the massive, multi-ton chassis froze in place for a moment, before juddering and turning to watch him, rearing up slightly.  That single yellow optic burned like a sulfuric flame in the dimness of the Central AI chamber, and there was a low ticking sound from a shadowy recess in the room as her mobile chassis was undocked.  She stepped around the greater chassis, smiling at him in that knowing way of hers.


   And is that 
    so bad?

       A hand went through his hair as he watched her mobile walk towards him, it didn’t matter what form she took, he still was delighted by her presence. And, most of all, missed her greatly when she was away. He reached up and tightened the somewhat loose tie that was around his neck.


                              “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else…
                                So, I suppose it’s not bad at all.”

    She stopped in front of him, crossing her arms over her chest and fixing him with that amber gaze.  It had been too long, she supposed, though in her shutdown state it had seemed to her no time at all had passed between the time she shutdown and the time she had rebooted.  She disliked leaving him alone like that, but what had to be done, had to be done.

Well.  We are together again now.
    So let's not dwell
on the time apart.  Don't we have science to do?

    The smallest of smiles, amber eyes narrowing slightly.